Maruti Alto ADAS Activated Via A Redmi Phone Owner Shares Self Driving Video

Maruti Alto ADAS Activated Via A Redmi Phone  Owner Shares Self Driving Video

What about autonomous driving only with the Redmi Note 9 Pro smartphone used in entry-level cars like the Maruti Alto? Compared to the multi-million dollar investments currently being made in traditional automakers, this seems like a big question mark. However, X Mankara users do and it also works on Indian roads.

Alto K10 gets autonomous driving

Autonomous driving is a huge gray area that requires endless research and development to handle billions of driving behaviors. This set of features also changes and improves every day, which makes the situation dangerous for manufacturers. There are some good examples of Level 3+ autonomy, but none are free from criticism.

The technology required to achieve autonomous driving is a combination of hardware and software. Both must go hand in hand to achieve the integrated experience designed by the automaker. The Alto K10 in question belongs to X Mankaran, creator of FlowDrive, a software variant based on the open source autonomous driving algorithm "OpenPilot".

The FlowDrive app installed on the affordable Redmi Note 9 Pro mobile connects to the Alto K10 via the car's OBD port. The Alto features electric power steering, and the engine is tuned according to FlowDrive manual, not Maruti's electric-only torque-assist algorithm. Your phone's camera acts as the eye for this app. Alto does not have a throttle module so the pedals are controlled by the driver.

In a video posted by user X Mankaran, an Alto K10 is seen driving alone to avoid a traffic jam on a 4-lane highway. Indian roads are filled with thousands of unexpected things. Of course, this program does not conflict with anyone. We cannot ignore that this stretch is very dangerous not only for Alto K10 but also for people around it.

Furthermore, it is illegal to test technology prototypes on public roads without permission from the relevant authorities. The tests were conducted in rainy conditions, poor visibility and water on the road, which can easily disrupt the camera settings on non-specialized consumer smartphones.

How does it show?

The FlowDrive algorithm is based on OpenPilot, an open source platform that uses's proprietary hardware for sale in the United States. Founder George Francis Hotz took a different approach to independent driving. It is known for its (unethical) hacking attacks and security exploits against large companies.

At the launch of, Hotz announced the Comma One, a device that runs Openpilot autonomous driving software and connects to compatible vehicles via an OBD-II port. It was canceled in the United States because it did not meet the requirements for autonomous driving set by the NHTSA. Koma Two and then Koma 3 launched successfully and received high praise from the media, taking them beyond the brand's traditional offerings.

The Indian government is actively discouraging automakers from pursuing any kind of autonomous vehicle. It is well called. Because this will have a significant impact on reducing the work of drivers. This is not a good idea for a country rich in human resources.

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