OPPO And Counterpoint Unveil Indepth Industry Report On The Adoption And Tech Advances Of Telephoto Lenses In Smartphones

OPPO And Counterpoint Unveil Indepth Industry Report On The Adoption And Tech Advances Of Telephoto Lenses In Smartphones
  • OPPO leads trends and continues to bring technology from flagship models to mass market models.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: A new report from market research firm Counterpoint sheds light on the evolving landscape of smartphone photography. According to the latest report from Counterpoint Research, more than 200 million smartphones with telephoto lenses were sold worldwide in 2022, and this number is expected to continue to increase until 2024. The reason for this growing trend is the desire of more and more customers for telephoto lenses. Photography. something previously only found in professional cameras. This highlights the critical importance of the lens in today's mobile photography, as well as its broad appeal.

The growing popularity of telephoto lenses on smartphones

Camera innovations have significantly driven the development of smartphones over the past decade. Among them, the telephoto lens has become an important factor that determines how far the camera system can reach. The penetration rate has increased over the years and stands at more than 19% in the first half of 2023, almost 3% higher than in the first half of 2022. This increase indicates a broader trend in consumer behavior that shows a preference for smartphones with enhanced photography capabilities.

Originally, the telefunction was only available on premium smartphones. However, the study also found that market adoption of telephoto photography is increasing, especially in the sub-$400 segment. The growing popularity of telephoto lenses in affordable smartphones reflects consumers' desire for advanced features without the high cost involved. Smartphone manufacturers recognized this demand and quickly responded by upgrading their mid-range models with telephoto capabilities, giving a wider audience the opportunity to engage in advanced photography experiences traditionally reserved for entry-level models. high.

The importance of telephoto lenses in mobile photography

The telephoto lens has become an integral part of mobile photography, enabling users to capture images characterized by precision and elegance. In addition to capturing a distant landscape, the telephoto lens is also excellent for portraits, as it can compress the subject and background and create a spectacular bokeh effect, while the equivalent focal length of 50mm or 85mm offers a similar field of view. Eyes with minimal distortion.

According to Counterpoint analysis, these lenses are increasingly being integrated into smartphones worldwide. The ability to zoom without compromising image quality, along with the unique visual effects a telephoto lens can create, has made it a popular choice among smartphone users. The proportion of smartphones equipped with telephoto lenses increased both internationally and in China, reaching 19.3% and 24.4% respectively, demonstrating the importance of telephoto lenses in today's mobile photography environment.

OPPO's pioneering role

The report also discusses OPPO's role in popularizing telephoto lens technology. OPPO has been instrumental in making high-quality mobile photography accessible to the masses. Recently positioned as a "portrait expert", the Reno11 series has made a significant contribution to bringing high-end telephoto capabilities to more affordable smartphone models with the innovative Telephoto Portrait feature. This strategic move by OPPO not only democratized access to professional photography features, but also underscored the brand's position as a leader in mobile photography innovation.

The Reno11 series has features like a 2x 32MP optical zoom camera with Sony IMX709 main sensor, which enables users to capture sharp and detailed images from a distance. The range also integrates advanced AI algorithms to improve image quality, especially in portrait photography, giving users the tools to capture life's moments with unparalleled clarity and creativity.

Future perspective

Counterpoint's analysis predicts a positive outlook for telephoto lenses and confirms their crucial contribution to the advancement of mobile photography. The integration of telephoto lenses is just the beginning of a larger trend. The future of mobile photography is expected to bring further advancements, and telephoto lenses will play an important role in how consumers capture and interact with the world around them. This trend will redefine the standards of mobile photography and push the boundaries of what smartphones can do.

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