Second American Hostage Dies In Hamas Captivity In The Gaza Strip

Second American Hostage Dies In Hamas Captivity In The Gaza Strip

The Israel Defense Forces said Thursday that an internal investigation into the Dec. 15 killing of three Israeli hostages by Israeli forces in Gaza City found that "one of them was waving a white flag" before he was captured. Hostage. He was killed. Hit with a gun.

In the year On December 15, 2023, during days of heavy fighting in Shejaya, an IDF soldier opened fire on three people considered a threat and shot and killed two hostages. The third victim escaped. "The Israel Defense Forces.

The commander ordered to stop firing to find out the identity of the third man. After 15 minutes, the battalion commander heard cries of "help" and "shoot" in Hebrew, and gave a further command in Hebrew, "come to." The figure left the building and went to the soldiers. "Two soldiers, who did not hear the order due to the roar of the tank, stood nearby and shot and killed the third hostage," the defense continued.

"From the study and analysis of exhibits and aerial photographs of the area, it was found that the hostages were walking without clothes and one of them was standing in a restricted area of ​​the army while waving a white flag," the Defense Force added.

A few days before the attack, the Israeli military reported finding a Hamas operative's passport with the words "Help" written in Hebrew near the exit of the terrorists' tunnel in the Shejaya region. As Hamas tried to highlight them.

Then, a day before the crash, signs with the words "SOS" and "Help 3 Hostages" were found by drones 200 meters away from the building where the hostages were killed. Fraud sites encountered by soldiers in Shejaya region were seen near the building, so it is suspected to be a trap,” he said.

The defense team concluded that "the investigation showed that the command had information about the whereabouts of the hostages in the Shejaya area and also took steps to prevent attacks on the hostages." Two buildings where the hostages were held. .

"The entire command feels responsible for this difficult incident, regrets the outcome and shares its condolences to the families of the three hostages," the IDF said.

American hostages held by Hamas in Gaza were released after two weeks of detention

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