T78 Takes Us Through His Favourite New Music

T78 Takes Us Through His Favourite New Music

The T78 has racked up air miles this year. The Italian techno wizard delights crowds everywhere from Egg London to Le Jardin Electronique in Lille, France; Three shows at ADE, see. Latin America tour with a stop at Utopic in Buenos Aires, see. Tour three stops below, see. Given the incredible number of shows around the world, it's safe to assume that T78 has filled its USB with the best big halls the techno world has to offer.

Of course, he has also contributed to the genre with his productions this year, with no less than nine releases on his Auktektone discs; Maxie Devine kicked things off in March with "Monster Truck" and most recently with the groove-filled "Another Dimension," which dropped on December 4th. He is also constantly adding new songs to his label's roster and has also signed many other producers to Auktektone this year, including NOBA, Greg Denbosa, Edo Messina, Jim Nozier and more. To celebrate, T78 have mixed and orchestrated the 13th edition of T78 Presents Tektones 13, scheduled for release on December 29th.

"Tektones is a collection that has been released every six months since the beginning of the brand's life," says T78. “I always try to collect new music from new talent and use it as a showcase for myself, which sometimes includes more than one song. Specifically, this time I'm there with two songs, one Hard Techno like Activator and the other. Hard trance." Like T78 in collaboration with Huiswerk and Ducamp. In the afternoon the remix of "Press to Start" was released. I was very inspired by the vocal chorus and decided to create a typical T78 beat around it without taking elements from the original song.

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To reflect on a very difficult year for the Italian techno artist, T78 has rounded up his 10 current favorite tracks, all of which will be released in 2023. It's an "Out of Space" bootleg, an acidic track with a "sexy twist". and a rap full of groove. See below.

T78 – Liquid Night (Original Mix) – Official Video (Autekton Recordings)

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