The Oppo Find X7 Has Produced The Best Photographs I Have Seen From A Phone!

The Oppo Find X7 Has Produced The Best Photographs I Have Seen From A Phone!

OPPO has just launched its first dual-periscope camera phone, setting a new standard in mobile photography.

Oppo's latest flagship camera phone, the Find X7 Ultra, was launched in China yesterday (January 8) and is shaping up to be one of the best camera phones for photography. The new Android phone has four 50-megapixel rear cameras, each with a different optical zoom, meaning the four-camera setup offers continuous zoom from 14mm to 270mm "without compromising image quality."

The Find X7 Ultra is the first smartphone to feature a dual periscope camera. It retains the Find X6 Pro's 65mm 3x lens and offers a bright f/2.6 aperture. The second Periscope camera is a 135mm telephoto lens with 6x zoom, built-in OIS function and 35cm focusing distance.

The other two cameras have a single wide-angle camera with a second-generation 1-inch Sony stacked sensor, f/1.8 aperture, OIS, and a similar 14mm f/2 ultra-wide angle with an impressive minimum focus distance of 4cm. . !

Another reason to be excited about this camera is that Oppo continues its partnership with Hasselblad and the sample images provided are some of the best I've taken with my phone. Of course, good lighting conditions, photographers, and subjects all play a role, but the camera's look and depth of field are more reminiscent of a medium format camera than a camera phone.

The 65mm and 135mm focal lengths are ideal for portraits and allow better subject compression and depth of field. Thanks to the improved ISO sensitivity, larger sensor and wider aperture, it should now be easier to take portraits in low light conditions.

Smart Capture allows you to easily target and identify people and animals. The cameras display bokeh and out-of-focus areas naturally, without the weird blur that often occurs in portrait mode on other phones.

Aside from blurring the natural look of the background, I think another reason color fields are believable is color tone. I've always admired Hasselblad's color science and this seems to be replicated in Oppo's cameras. Skin tones look natural and color depth is exceptional.

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The Find X7 Ultra is now available in China. Unfortunately, there are no news or announcements planned for the US and Europe. Let's hope that changes from here on out, or that Oppo is working on another camera for these regions that includes the same camera technology, because I'll be the first to try it out.

For more information on the Oppo Find X7 Ultra, visit the Oppo website.

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The best smartphone camera in the world! *Oppo Find X6 Pro*

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