These 10 Weird (but Brilliant) Gadgets Will Make Your Life Easier In 2024

These 10 Weird (but Brilliant) Gadgets Will Make Your Life Easier In 2024

The best New Year's resolution might just be to try to make life less complicated. Achieve success in small steps and reduce your overall stress. Sometimes it's the little things that can make a big difference. Take, for example, these ten humble people who sometimes seem strange. - Tools, e.g. B. They offer smart solutions to everyday challenges and are all under $35 on Amazon. From the stylish vegetable cutter to the best-selling vegetable picker, you're sure to find something to suit your needs on this list in 2024.

You want to eat more vegetables, right? But they're difficult to make, and the healthier they are, the more labor-intensive they seem to be. No longer. This amazing tool easily cuts tough leaves (like kale, kale, and mustard greens) from the sides and helps you trim the entire head in just a few minutes. The small holes are used to peel rosemary, thyme and parsley herbs, the blade at the end is also used to chop leaves. Forgive me in advance, but I have to say this: going green is easy with this tool.

$7 on Amazon

Weighing in at about half a pound, this best-selling product is like an ultralight extension of your arm. The sturdy metal pole extends up to 32 inches and features rubber handles with magnets for lifting large and small items. To use, simply press the trigger on the handle, which is designed to respond with minimal effort. This causes the claw to tighten around anything it wants to reach, be it a box on a high shelf or a dropped set of keys. They are also great for picking up leaves and debris in your garden without having to bend or strain.

$9 on Amazon

Anyone who has ever worked in a retail store knows that evenly spaced hangers (finger-width!) add dignity to the shelf. At home, many of us have given up on this idea, and our over-storage results in damaged, wrinkled clothes that need ironing, even if they were in good condition when put away. No longer. These hanger dividers give all your shirts, dresses or pants the personal space they need to stay together. Dividers make it easier to put on work clothes, store clothes and feel comfortable.

$18 on Amazon

I read that the best way to bathe a cat is to place it on a slanted partition in the bathroom. He scratches himself in fear and to the cat's horror they hold him up until he can be lowered into the water. This seems crazy to me, which is why my 11 year old cat has never been bathed. However, Aquapaw makes me feel like I might still have a chance. A portable sprayer and cleaner that can be connected to a hose (outdoors) or a faucet (in the sink), allowing you to get the job done quickly and cleanly. You could also convince the kids that it's fun to spend time here and give them the dog-sitting duties.

$14 on Amazon

I don't want to generalize about teenagers, but can we all agree that their baseball caps are washable? However, these expensive scarves are not that easy to clean. Congratulations to the inventor of this ingenious device, the “cage,” which allows lids to be safely cleaned in the dishwasher.

$14 on Amazon

Preparing dinner is much easier when you don't have to search for the lost pot. With this universal lid you (or your dishes ) are covered. It works with most 8, 25, 9, 10, 11 and 12 inch pots and pans, so you can keep them handy, transfer them from one pot to another when needed, and focus on your wonderful can concentrate on culinary creations.

$20 on Amazon

Yes, it's meant to help you clean the tall tiles on the walls next to the shower. And he's very good at it. Like many OXO products, it is a relaxing treat. The head rotates to reach hard-to-reach places and moves quickly even when the shaft is fully extended. The powerful antimicrobial head is abrasive enough to get the job done and rinses off easily. What the manufacturer doesn't mention is that it's also great for killing insects. This is the main function of this tool in my house. I usually grab a used dryer sheet from the laundry basket, place it upside down (it sticks due to the dirty texture) and within seconds the ceiling spider dies quickly (and hopefully painlessly).

$16 on Amazon

Do you want to start but can't find motivation? This convenient, low-tech tool eliminates the intimidation factor and potential mess of grabbing and holding strips of vegetables while rolling. Make yourself a whole spiral salad, top it with some lentils (or leftover protein from last night's dinner), and lunch is ready to take to the office. Additionally, accessories for juicing, slicing, grating, slicing and more are included.

$22 at Amazon

It's great that we've finally gotten into the habit of taking our own bags to the grocery store. Every year more and more cities ban plastic bags. But if the back of your car now looks like the explosion of a bag factory (a mess of canvas, nylon, and old brown paper), then you'll love this slim, foldable bag. It folds flat, expands into a large rectangular cube, and weighs next to nothing. Take it with you to the supermarket, fill it up as you browse the shelves, fold it up and store it neatly in the car when you get home. Solve the car problem. It is available in five colors/prints.

$32 on Amazon

If you're like most of us and are committed to adopting healthier habits by 2024, these olive oil bottles have a place in your kitchen. You get the convenience and ease of cooking spray with the goodness (and “good fats”) of your favorite olive oil. These bottles have a wider stream, so less oil covers the pan overall, and who couldn't use a few fewer calories in that omelette? If desired, fill the second bottle with balsamic vinegar; This makes salad dressing easier and leaves the leaves clear and shiny.

$11 at Amazon $11 at Walmart

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