All Aboard The 20th Anniversary Groove Cruise: An Inside Look At 96 Hours Of Nonstop House And Techno Madness

All Aboard The 20th Anniversary Groove Cruise: An Inside Look At 96 Hours Of Nonstop House And Techno Madness

Uproxx doesn't actually deliver. With all due respect to what they do, the idea of ​​being stuck in the middle of the ocean while thousands of guests play bingo and watch corporate events doesn't sound good. (And then there's the shipping industry's reluctance to meaningfully address sustainability issues.)

Difference? With first class music.

Exactly 96 hours of continuous house and techno music. Does this sound crazy? Two weeks ago, Groove Cruises celebrated its 20th anniversary on the high seas with its largest cruise yet, from Miami to Great Stirrup Cay. Crowd of 5,000 at the award-winning "Norwegian Encore" concert - or the brand calls it "The Captain" - on 11 stages and 18 floors with Tiesto, John Summit, Diplo, Markus Schulz, LP Giobbi, HALIENE, Joel Corrie, Trivecta, Mija, GG Magree, VNSSA, Lilly Palmer, Gene Farris, Max Styler, Biscits, Disco Lines, Announcer Honey and many others.

Beyond the comforts of a cruise ship, the intimate festival atmosphere and party atmosphere at sea keep fans coming back to Groove Cruises every year. It's a hedonistic bacchanalia, and at the center of it all is Uproxx. Here's what we like...

Part I – Ships

The ship serves as the backdrop for the ultimate party playground, with balconies overlooking the ocean, 40 bars and restaurants, two multi-story water slides, a casino and much more. Those looking to replace dancing with gaming have access to the largest go-kart track at sea, a 10,000-square-foot outdoor laser tag arena, a VR gaming area and more. There's never a dull moment on board; Even sitting in the sun loungers on deck 17 or in the hot tub is a pleasure.

Luxury seekers are catered for at Haven 17 and 18. Hidden Haven offers 24-hour butler service, a private terrace and dining area, a solarium and a gym. Private billiards also offers luxury. Equipped with a bathroom with dressing room and incredible 270 degree sea views.

If you're interested, you can find secret spots this weekend at places like the Social Lounge on Deck Six or the Texas Roadhouse, home to some of the hottest techno and trance acts. Unique interjections of bass and dubstep. Deepfake is perhaps the most popular host with his secret segment "Razzle Dazzle", which showcases Renegade's most exclusive B2B and events for a select few.

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Everything you need is always available. After hours of dancing, you can enjoy a sumptuous evening and daily buffet at the Garden Café in front of the main pool terrace and stage. It may have caused me to eat too many soft cones, but... it was really fun. The luxury of having your own room means always having your own bathroom and shower, or finding a quiet place to take a nap at the disco during the day.

“Groove Cruise is a great example of what life could be like on another planet,” artist Martin Circus told Uproxx Life. “Everyone was rich, popular and encouraged to dance without pants. »

Part II – Scenes: eat, sleep, walk, repeat

When do you eat? all the time. Groove Cruises has over 20 restaurants, so you won't go hungry. The Garden Cafe is very popular for its 24-hour buffet. Sometimes the food tastes better than it tastes—artfully sliced ​​fruit or a perfectly presented dessert—but the variety of 24-hour restaurants and location away from the main pool deck make it a weekend highlight.

Sleep... it doesn't matter. At least not in the original sense. Quoting L.P. Jobby: The only way to stay on track is to take naps during the day to keep your energy up. Many important meetings are held between 11:00 pm and 7:00 pm, but staying up all night is considered taboo. Relaxing for an hour or two several times a day while choosing your favorite party favors is the perfect combination to dance the night away and look amazing in the perfect ensemble.

Whether you're dancing by the main pool, dining at the Paradise Café, or strolling the halls to the next level, the people you stand or meet next to you are some of the most dynamic and energetic people on the planet. . Everyone is contagious, it’s almost impossible to get upset about anything. And if you're upset about something , they'll play Tiki-themed reverse Twister to hit you in the face.

When it comes to viewing, this is probably the best show. The festival announces daytime and nighttime themes, and features new shows twice a day, with participants running around in jungle costumes, Nintendo costumes with hundreds of peach princesses, racing gear, silver and chrome versions of aliens, and disco rave outfits. . This is where the monsters come out (a lot and confidently). If you don't wear them, they will stand out . It was the perfect place to wear whatever we wanted, skimpy swimsuits and colorful outfits, without worry.

Ironically, it was the elevator that told most of the story this week. New news comes out every day, and when you look at the sentiment and development of the news, it tells a story in itself:

Day 1 – “Happy sailing!” »
Day 2 – “Are you having fun?!” »
Day 3 – “How are you?” »
Day 4 – No words. Just pop-up disco balls and balloons cut in half.

This is how I felt on day four, FWIW.

Part III – Music

It's hard to explain what 96 hours of non-stop house and techno music sounds like. Let's get one thing straight: you're talking about 96 hours of continuous music. The only place you can keep quiet is your room, and there's a chance you'll even hear your neighbors keeping up the rhythm. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

This means it is impossible to catch them all. But that's part of the fun and beauty of an event like Groove Cruise. You are pulled in different directions, following the most important rhythms that interest you at a given moment in time. It is a unique experience that will be completely relatable to the people they witness and the waves they ride.

“Joel [ Corey ] and I met this year and decided to hit it off and do a B2B set at the last minute,” artist Markus Schulz told Uproxx Life. “We took our time and did it. Groove Cruise is a comfortable environment for DJs to easily DJ, improvise and collaborate with other artists. It's truly an art show by artists...” “I've played Groove Cruise about 15 times and it's really cool.”

Here are some musical highlights from the weekend:

  • Markus Schultz and Joel Corey took us out to sea for the official "Sail Away" sunset party at the main pool.
  • Diplo debuts at the High Ground Theater at Sea with Gene Faris, LP Geobi, Biscuit, VNS and Casmalia.
  • Incredible Decade Party at 11am at the Casino with Lizzie Curius, Doc Brown, Kiliente, Cripsey and more.
    That night the big pros showed up and showered many of the DJs with Benjamin.
  • Lily Palmer brings world-class techno to her Spawning Party, incredible B2B techno with Joel Corey and Markus Schulz, and a two-hour sunrise show hosted by the Queen herself from 5am to 7am.
  • Mars Circus Exploration takes participants into the 5D multiverse with immersive, completely improvised shows every evening from 10:00 pm to 5:00 pm. It's easy to spend hours in his psychedelic mansion and get lost in the soup. The group sound healing at 4 am was so relaxing and calming. It's up to you whether you want to end your evening here or start your day.
  • He performed for the first time on the main stage of Fame House along with label founders LP Giobbi, Hai Life, Mija, VNSSA, Casmalia, Max Low and others. Closing with Mija Rumming's remix of Sexy Red's "Skeeeeeee", this is the worst invasion we've ever seen.
  • Canadian DJ Ellie Kaye spins the loudest, hottest techno at the Social Lounge - until the loudspeaker explodes. You can expect the best products to be ready to use in less than two minutes.
  • Salah's very appropriate and proper pool party with Max Styler was recognized as one of the best sets of the weekend. The prolific house music producer has captivated everyone with his hypnotic songs and unreleased tracks.
  • Saturday dream party with Tiësto on Great Stirrup Quay beach. Seriously, can there be anything more iconic than Tiësto on a private island? Participants are invited to take a 10-minute boat ride from the ship to the island to spend the day soaking up the sun, ziplining in the ocean, swimming with pigs, sipping drinks and enjoying the views.
  • John Summit & Friends will close out the main pool deck with the sounds of San Pacho, VNSSA b2b Max Styler, Joshua, Bissits b2b Deep Purpose and LP Giobbi.
  • John Summitt closed out the theater with a special extended set featuring wild on-stage collaborations with Max Styles, Ranger Trucco and Kyle Walker before the ship docked in Miami.
  • “This is my second year and I think this community is one of the strongest,” said LP Giobbi of Uproxx Life. For this 20th anniversary, the 20-fold increase in the set, costumes and cast was truly magical and truly impressive. We want to work in the live space to give women more opportunities to DJ and see themselves represented on stage and off. Groove Cruise is one of the organizers we are partnering with for the DJ Undiscovered competition! »

    Part IV – Amazing Profits

    Over its 20-year history, Groove Cruises has built a respected international community that brings meaning and ideas to floating parties. Jason Beukema, founder of Groove Cruises, heads the Whet Foundation, a non-profit organization (501c3) that benefits local Bahamian communities by funding projects such as clothing, food, school supplies, beach and community cleanups, and arts programs.

    Additionally, this year the foundation donated its annual event to the Great Harbor Island community. Whet Travel, located just a short boat ride from Great Strip Cay, where the Groove Cruise stops on Saturdays, donated $20,000 to the community, musical instruments and building materials for a single mother who lost her home in a fire in April 2023.

    In partnership with 4ocean, each boat captain receives a unique bracelet, handcrafted from recycled materials, each of which removes five kilograms of waste from the world's oceans, rivers and beaches.


    Groove Cruises will return in 2025, sailing from Miami, Florida to the private island of Labadee next January. The 37th cruise will be the largest all-genre music cruise in history on Royal Caribbean's Allure Of The Seas, one of the largest ships in the world. The ship accommodates 6,780 passengers and features seven staterooms, 40 bars and restaurants, a full-service spa, fitness room, water park and FlowRider surf simulator, outdoor parks, zip lines, ice skating and more.

    You can reserve your place for Navigation 2025 here. Packages start at $1,500 per person.

    More photos from the Groove Cruise:

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    "Back to Paradise" - Groove Cruise Miami 2015 after the film

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