Minecraft: How To Improve Your FPS

Minecraft: How To Improve Your FPS

Despite its deceptively simple, uncluttered aesthetic, Minecraft doesn't always hit the nail on the head when it comes to performance, especially for those with weaker hardware. This is due to the vast scope and versatility of this sandbox epic, as well as the complexity of the game design hidden within it.

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Players who particularly like large expansions, buildings and item stacks may struggle to cope with the FPS and overall performance. But thanks to the game's versatility and resource set, the Minecraft experience can be greatly improved by increasing frames per second.

These are the easiest, most effective, and generally the best ways to smooth out stuttering FPSs. Some of these tricks are subtle, but others can provide significant boosts that can double or triple your FPS.

Updated December 29, 2022 by Stephen LaJoia. Not that it needed it, but Mojang breathed new life into the already robust and lush Minecraft with its Caves and Rocks launch a year ago. With this update and the upcoming New Year celebrations and countless formats and exclusive games, more and more players want to get the most out of this massive open world game. This is especially true when users are looking for enhanced games. And as new software and methods become available, we thought we'd update this guide on how to optimize and increase FPS in Minecraft .

First of all, players can evaluate the performance of their Minecraft instance and especially check the frame rate with this simple method. While this doesn't actually improve performance, it makes testing and troubleshooting easier as players can see these improvements taking effect in real-time.

Pressing Shift + F3 will open a debugging screen with a profile graph. Pressing Alt+F3 will open the debug screen with the frame time graph .

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14/14 Remove the floor

Unlike many complex and convoluted methods to maintain performance and frame at the same level, this method is simply to avoid some actions; Especially diving in the Netherlands. The dark and vast arcs of the Infernal can be very attractive to some Minecraft adventurers.

However, this vast underground kingdom can take a fortune for some low-powered computers. This makes sense given the countless examples of lava and flame streams, enemy-filled chasms, and floating particles. Fortunately, this treacherous world is an isolated biome in the game, so it's still easy to avoid as a portal made to enter.

13/14 Update Java and use OpenJDK software

Since the core Minecraft game is powered by Java software, it's a good idea to make sure you have the latest version of Java and the Java Development Kit installed. Make sure the .exe file matches the binary capabilities of your operating system and computers (64x or 86x).

Note that 86x is for a 32-bit system.

Then follow the installation wizard to complete the download. For techies who want to go a step further, gamers can opt for an open source version of Java known as Open JDK. Enable optimization and performance improvements in Minecraft . This handy guide details the steps to install and deploy the software using Minecraft Launcher.

12/14 Run the garbage collection program

Although it is limited in some ways, one of the main advantages of Minecraft , which runs on Java software, is the wide customization options. The tuning system allows players to rate the performance on a "dirty" scale. This will start the process of removing junk code that is not useful for a running program or game.

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As a result, the memory space is freed, which can clarify the situation, at least slightly increase the performance of the game. The main variants of this game include Shenandoah and Z Garbage Collector (ZGC). This Redditor goes into detail about Shenandoah and its doings. Although this technique is very advanced, Java experts can try it as it helps to reduce framework stuttering.

11/14 If you're playing a multiplayer game, stay away from densely populated areas.

This is especially true when chatting with friends or regular Minecraft players. As you might expect, connecting with dense crowds puts more strain on the user's CPU than flying solo. This is where most of the game's appeal lies, so avoiding these servers entirely can be difficult for many.

However, if efficiency is important, it is recommended to avoid densely populated areas such as cities. Fortunately, these custom servers and biomes usually have plenty of room to explore.

14/10 Make it easy to play

Ironically, one of the best ways to smooth out Minecraft is to simply do a little in-game work. Focus on flat ground with little research and few resources.

A useful trick with this is to use the "world border" command in the game, which sets limits on how much the world can expand. To do this, open a dialog window and type "/worldborder set [SizeInBlocks]" .

A smaller, simpler, and less cluttered gaming world will place much less demand on Java and the hardware it runs on.

9/14 Update graphics card drivers

Much of PC gaming performance depends on the graphics card used. Often gamers start their games without realizing that their graphics card can be speeded up with a simple and quick graphics driver update.

The latest drivers are usually available on the GPU manufacturer's website. Download an automatic driver update tool as easy as Driver to make this process easier and more convenient.

8/14 Reduce shipping distance

You might not think that a block game like Minecraft is very tiring, but when you have to constantly fetch resources from afar, it can add up to resources. Fortunately, the transportation distance can be significantly reduced.

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To do this, simply click on " Options " and go to " Video Settings ". The Draw Distance control panel is located in the upper right corner of the menu. If this number is more than 12, it would be good to reduce it a little bit. Don't throw it too far because if the game is below the eight to ten range it can be a bit difficult to navigate.

7/14 Shut down tasks that require hardware

Although the game has many tricks to make the game easier, there are many ways to increase Minecraft frame rate by changing some computer settings. One of the most effective ways is to simply close other programs running at the same time, especially those that require additional hardware.

Open Task Manager to find out what programs are running and remove unnecessary programs that take up large memory spaces. Now you can allocate more RAM to Minecraft .

6/14 Change back the graphics settings

In addition to display settings, various other graphical details can be tweaked or changed to improve performance and frame rate in Minecraft .

Go to "Video Settings" and do the following:

  • Set Maximum FPS to Unlimited .
  • Turn off the clouds and even the lights.
  • Set particles to low .
  • Disable vertical sync .
  • Disable biome alignment.
  • Change "Graphics" to "Fast".
  • Reduce the FOV (Field of View).

5/14 Disable full screen and remove full screen updates

Those who don't mind losing this immersive and theatrical experience should consider turning off the full display, especially for gamers with weak graphics cards. Performing this simple task results in fewer tasks and thus a smoother experience.

To do this, turn off "full screen" and reduce the size of the window. As long as the scene is small, the game should run a little better.

To go one step further, right-click on the Minecraft shortcut and select Properties , then go to the Compatibility tab. After that, click on " Turn off full screen optimization " and click on "Apply ".

4/14 Improving computer performance

Even for people who rely on a powerful computer, there is a good chance that it will not work to its full potential. Players can boost their performance and charge their machine by typing "power options" in the Windows search bar at the bottom of the screen.

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A control panel window will appear that allows the user to change the machine's intensity and power consumption. Click "High Performance" and voila. This is something to consider, especially if you're using a desktop computer and power consumption isn't an issue.

3/14 Set Java to "high priority".

Just as your computer can be upgraded in terms of performance, so can the software that runs Minecraft Java. You can quickly access this executable Windows application by pressing Ctrl + Shift + ESC . This function opens the manager .

Go to Details tab and right click on Javaw.exe . Go to Set Priority and click Advanced . This moves more resources to the application, which usually results in better results and smoother game frame rates.

Acceleration 2/14

Disclaimer: This involves some risk for the tech-savvy, but it comes with great rewards if done right.

This method involves increasing the computer's clock speed beyond that specified by the manufacturer. This process, called "overclocking," can be harmful if you overextend your computer. However, it can significantly improve PC gaming performance. This article explains the process of overclocking a computer in detail.

1/14 install optimization modes

One of the most interesting aspects when it comes to Minecraft is its versatility, which allows you to change mods, applications and other games. This is also true when it comes to productivity programs . There are also some mods that specifically emphasize increasing FPS, such as OptiFine .

Click here to learn more about the new and upcoming OptiFine mod, including its features and how to install it in Minecraft .

Other great upgrade options include:

Minecraft is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS and more.

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