Paul Van Dyk Returns With Weekend Heroes & Christian Schottstaedt On ‘Venture X

Paul Van Dyk Returns With Weekend Heroes & Christian Schottstaedt On ‘Venture X
Paul Van Dyke returns with Weekend Heroes and Christian Schottstadt on the X'Untitled project

VENTURE X is more than just a song. This is a new live concept from electronic music legend Paul Van Dyk.

Coinciding with the launch of their new live concept VENTURE X in February, PvD released a new song with the same title. On VENTURE X, Van Dyke teamed up with some of the day's favorite producers, including house progressive headliner Wind Heroes and touring singer/songwriter Christian Schucht.

Powerful progressive techno that feels right at home in the Legends catalog, "Venture X" is a modern interpretation of what makes PvD one of the biggest names in electronic music. As frontman of Forced to Mod, Schottstadt adds an impressive layer to the burgeoning tech house scene with a crisp, unique sound. His top line reaches new heights that Van Dyke has reached sonically, but the live performance experience of VENTURE X is a sign of things to come.

VENTURE X is an exciting new idea where DJs and DJ artists create trance, progressive house and techno music and combine them into one amazing night. Van Dyke feeds his fans by focusing on his craft and the tunes of the day. His familiar style is presented in an entirely new context with an emphasis on the unexpected. This is unexpected... not to be missed... VENTURE X by Paul Van Dijk.

“VENTURE X helps me understand not only what people expect from me, but also what electronic music means to me. Meet me for fun, but there's more. My VENTURE X makes it a music concept because I don't perform live. 130bm, but a vast musical experience. It's a turn-based experience that takes you on a journey. You have a progressive sound that doesn't miss a beat or a beat, for me it's the drive, the pressure, the attraction and the memories.

Paul Van Dyck

VENTURE X will go on sale at Toybox in Toronto, Canada on February 17, 2023, and will be available in other cities including New York, Montreal, Pontiac, Denver, Portland, San Francisco and Austin.

North American tour dates

February 17 - Toy Box - Toronto, Ontario.

February 18 - Webster Hall - New York, NY

February 24 - New City Gas - Montreal, Quebec.

February 25 - Electric - Pontiac, MI.

March 3 - Church Nightclub - Denver, Colorado.

4-Mar-45 Eastern - Portland, OR

March 10 - Community Service - San Francisco, CA

March 11 - Location TBA - Austin, Texas.

Tickets are available here.

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