I Got ChatGPT To Recommend Me Music — Heres What Happened

I Got ChatGPT To Recommend Me Music — Heres What Happened
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As you probably know, ChatGPT has recently seen AI technology harness its AI power for a variety of uses, from creating schedules and workouts to catching canceled Netflix shows to passing exams. It's amazing, but I'm not trying to cross the line, I just want to hear good music.

With that in mind, I was wondering if ChatGPT would help me manage my music playlists. Does it recommend my favorite music? Can you show me some great new music? Do you know his acid house from techno? Otherwise I don't care.

I spent some time with ChatGPT to see how well it works as a music recommendation tool. And so it happened.

emotional music

Chatgpti clearly has an encyclopedic knowledge of music. He can recommend artists alike, from today's biggest stars like Taylor Swift to British oldies and golden oldies. The recommendations seem very strong. He lists Swift's contemporaries (if any) as Lorde, HIM, Selena Gomez, Carly Rae Jepsen and Kacey Musgraves, all artists I enjoy listening to. I also asked about genres like "guitar-driven indie music of the 90s" and got some great suggestions and some that are new to me (even though I didn't live through the mid-90s).

This is not just a name pulled out of thin air. AI may consider several factors when making recommendations. how should I know because "What are the things that help you recommend music?" And he answered.

If you are required to stay with an artist, ChatGPT will take care of the deep dive navigation. I searched for "best Taylor Swift album tracks" and (as a devoted Swift) I was surprised by the results. It contained a strong list of songs ( rightfully so) that were never released as singles, but became popular with fans .

ChatGPT can also create playlists for you. I've tried making songs based on my feelings, "I'm sad, make me a playlist" and I'll list ten songs that tried to cheer me up, including "Don't Worry, Be Happy" and "Walk In Sun" : . I also asked him to create a playlist about complex emotions; I chose "Melancholy" with Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah and Bon Iver's Skinny Love, and I seemed to get his work done.

Draw the scratches

It sounds scary to say, but ChatGPT feels a bit boring to use to discover new or underground music. There's nothing wrong with being simple, but ChatGPT generally offers the most obvious choice. It's worse than iHeartRadio. With all the internet to choose from, I prefer to create a playlist of lesser known gems. Music streaming apps like Spotify (now with AI DJ) are great for this, with curated playlists and algorithmic recommendations. Nowadays, if you're into music, ChatGPT is mostly used to remind you that some popular songs are available, not as a tool to recommend lesser-known artists.

Otherwise, don't expect anything from ChatGPT in today's charts. The September 2021 cut was disappointing and excluded many great songs from today's most popular artists. One of the best feelings about discovering new music is feeling good and of course bragging.

Can ChatGPT be your DJ?

As you would expect from an AI that will power the entire internet in 2022, ChatGPT uses different types of music and can group similar songs together. This makes it great for suggesting popular music that you've searched for and therefore assume you like.

While it offers some great ideas, it doesn't seem good at delivering music I've never heard before, at least not to the extent that mainstream music streaming services like Spotify can. To be fair to ChatGPT, the platform has bypassed the secret sauce of millions of music recommendation algorithms and focuses solely on them, which unfortunately means AI chatbots can't keep up. However, things may change with the recent news that Spotify is bringing OpenAI technology to the platform with its new DJ feature.

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