TECNO Kickstarts Its Youthconnect Program In Collaboration With IITD

TECNO Kickstarts Its Youthconnect Program In Collaboration With IITD

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• TECNO Mobile hosts a series of events as part of the Youth Connection Program to provide a platform to young talents across the country.
• TECNO is the official smartphone partner and title sponsor of IIT-D Rendezvous 2023 from March 9, 2023 to March 12, 2023.

Global premium technology brand TECNO has teamed up with IT-D as the official smartphone partner for their annual cultural festival 'Rendezvous 2023'. The association is part of the TECNO Youth-connect program, which aims to nurture and recognize emerging talents globally. The nation's Indian colleges are a hub for innovation and new thought processes. Therefore, this move strongly echoes TECNO's motto "Stop at nothing". From 9-12 March 2023, the 2023 Festival of Excellence, Arts and Crafts invites students from across the country to showcase their unique talents.

TECNO will also be the main sponsor of Pronite Music Night on March 12, 2023. TECNO's association with Rendezvous is the brand's attempt to create an emotional connection with today's youth. It reflects the identity of the brand. Funny, fierce, fearless and free.

Commenting on the new partnership, TECNO Mobile CEO Arijit Thalapatra said: "We are a consumer-centric brand and partnering with IIT gives us a unique platform to connect with our consumers on a deeper level. We are a youth brand focused on the youth of India. In everyday life." We know how important it is to "go out", not only to get rid of loneliness, but also to experience something new in life. This idea is part of our brand identity. We are always in close contact with our customers, most of whom are Generation Z. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration with a renowned academic institution and we look forward to all participants. And we are sure that it will be of great benefit to other stakeholders.

TECNO Mobile hosts the TECNO Avatar Making Competition, open to youth across India, which recognizes and rewards creativity from over 800 colleges and universities in India. The first prize winner's avatar will be featured on the mobile packaging of the upcoming game-themed POVA smartphone. In addition, the winner will receive exciting non-monetary prizes from TECNO. Through this youth-oriented initiative, the brand provides a platform for students to showcase their unique artistic talent, exposure and win great prizes.

TECNO is taking it a step further with its youth communication program and also launching UG BTech programs for freshers through Pride of India Scholarship Program. This scholarship is awarded to five students who qualify for the IIT program. This is an IIT-D based exercise where students are considered for the scholarship.

The smartphone brand is known for its quality and quality product for the youth at the best price. TECNO has created an unbreakable bond with its users within a short period of time, making them true advocates and ambassadors of the brand.


TECNO Mobile is the premium smartphone brand of TRANSION Holdings. Keeping its brand identity intact, TECNO is committed to bringing today's technology to progressives in the world's emerging markets and beautifully presenting products that inspire consumers to explore the world of the possible. TECNO understands the needs of consumers in various markets and offers local innovations that prove their excellence in serving "at-heart" consumers who never stop striving for excellence. TECNO's portfolio includes smartphones, smart wearables and consumer AIoT devices in more than 60 emerging markets around the world. TECNO is the official international partner of Manchester City Football Club. See https://www.tecno-mobile.in/home/#/ for more information

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TECNO in collaboration with IIT-D launched a youth communication program

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