Tecno Mobile To Launch New Smart Phone

Tecno Mobile To Launch New Smart Phone

Hugo Aliego
TECNO Mobile is preparing to launch an addition to its Camon smartphone based camera lineup.
The phone giant is said to be busy in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) as it prepares to unveil its first AI-powered camera smartphone, Jesse Ogontehi, director of strategic partnerships at Tecno Mobile, told TODAY.

"If you're a selfie enthusiast, a photography enthusiast, or a tech savvy, you'll find this information helpful."
The announcement also mentions that like its predecessor, the new CAMON will be available with higher pixels, a powerful sensor, and advanced autofocus.

The ad also states that these features will make it effective when taking selfies in both bright and dim scenarios.
While the features are great, Oguntimehin added in a statement, the manufacturer is looking forward to the AI ​​features "and we can say that they add more juice to the photographic prowess of the Camon series."

According to the statement. With a planned release date of November 19, the new CAMON camera is expected to feature a 24MP AI-powered selfie camera with an adjustable flash.
But we can't wait to see how it improves the camera capabilities of Africa's most popular Android smartphone.
Speaking of looks and design, we expect the new CAMON camera to be thinner and sleeker, perhaps with curves. Will the fingerprints be on the screen, behind the phone, or on the side? We can't wait!

This device will likely come with AndroidTM 8.1 (Go edition) and Google Assistant, which means users will be able to give instructions without touching the phone.
“TECNO smartphones are known for high-end features without a high price tag, so the new CAMON should be available at an affordable price.
“While waiting for this smartphone to be released, this year TECNO will launch three different CAMON devices. We have CAMON CM, CAMON X and now another CAMON. What will it be called? CAMON X1”

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