'Westworld' And Other Canned HBO Shows Are Now Streaming On Roku For Free Engadget

'Westworld' And Other Canned HBO Shows Are Now Streaming On Roku For Free  Engadget

Full ship load HBO Warner Bros Discovery (WBD) TV series, shows and movies are now available to watch for free on Roku. The Roku Channel now includes 14 ad-supported channels streaming over 2,000 hours of WBD content, including shows like Westworld , The Nevers , and Raised by Wolves , all It disappeared from HBO Max a few months ago .
In January, WBD Complete the agreement Roku and Tubi are free, ad-supported streaming channels (also known as FAST). All three cable channels launched on Tubi in early February, but it took a while for all of them to arrive on Roku.
Each channel focuses on a different area. A fan-favorite show like Westworld was canceled. And Nikita (WB TV Watch List), another channel is How It Works and How Earth Works (WB TV At The Movies), a popular movie channel (WB TV At The Movies) and even a channel dedicated to pastors. Competition Series (BB). Sweet TV Escape). While licensing content to air on FAST channels appears to increase profits, it gives WBD another source of revenue - WBD Record the net loss Worth $2.1 billion in the last three months of 2022.
The channel will arrive on Roku before WBD integrates Discovery+ content into HBO Max as its combined streaming service. Sometime this spring . Find + do It remains an independent streaming service In America. BELIEVE The updated HBO Max won't be immediately more expensive. WBD Raise the price HBO Max's ad-free plan launched in January.
The company has yet to announce the name of its new streaming service, though reports suggest it will. It's just called "Max". (Shaking). However, we won't have to wait long to find out. WBD plans to reveal the secret at an event on April 12.
Twitch now allows users to stream live to other live video sites. The announcement was made at TwitchCon in Las Vegas, just as new live streaming guidelines are being rolled out.
Starting today, Twitch will begin banning and banning users who kill others offstage.
Researchers have developed an artificial intelligence focused on improving the credibility of Wikipedia references.
With the new smart glasses, Meta has improved its core features, making them even more useful with new features like live streaming and hands-free photo messaging.
This week's best tech deals include some all-time low deals on recommended 4K TVs, AirPods Pro for $189, and some great gaming laptops.
Universal Audio has released the new SC-1 condenser microphone and hemisphere microphone array modeling software. This software emulates classic microphones and can also be used with the SD-1 and SP-1 microphones.
Starting today, Discord is rolling out automatic security alerts and a new content filter that it says will better protect new users. The company's initiative to protect the safety of teenagers comes after a recent report by US prosecutors revealed more than six years of cases in which adults accused Decord of luring, kidnapping and sexually abusing children.
Here are the best accessories for the Nintendo Switch OLED Edition, as chosen by Engadget editors.
10 years after the last great Mario game, Super Mario Bros. Marvel finally entertains fans with endless surprises they can think of.
Robots can perform about 30 different tasks.
In this episode, we dive into Marc Andreessen's tech optimism with tech critic Paris Marc.
This morning's top stories: Shiba Inu Speedrun video game takes a look at charity, Winklevoss twins' crypto company sued, Adobe adds more AI magic to Photoshop and Premiere
Companies that hire IT freelancers are likely hiring one of these criminals, the FBI said.
The New York Times reported that the host told his production staff that Apple executives were concerned about some of the topics he might cover on the show, particularly China and artificial intelligence.
Toyota has joined the list of companies moving to the North American Charging Standard (NACS).
EPA has highlighted several environmental and public health concerns related to lead emissions. The agency wants to begin regulating the use of leaded fuel, which is still often used in small aircraft.
Instagram boss Adam Mosseri said on his radio channel that the platform is testing users' ability to create a voice in comments on their posts. It will be released to a small group of users before it becomes available to everyone.
College students can get an ad-supported Hulu subscription tier for just $2 a month.
India has announced plans to build the Bharatiya Antaraikshan - or India's space station - by 2035 and plans to build it with a manned mission to the Moon by 2040. The country is currently preparing for the group's first planned mission to the year 2025.
Rapper "Brass" Michel spoke with his attorney about a recent federal criminal case involving the use of artificial intelligence. Brass, who faces up to 20 years in prison, was found guilty in April of conspiracy and acting as a foreign agent.
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