Holiday Gift Ideas From Techno Claus For 2023

Holiday Gift Ideas From Techno Claus For 2023

He is the man who invented gifts for cool girls and boys, the best high-tech Christmas toys. It's the season of the legendary Techno Klaus (similar to our David Pogue).

As I slipped into the fireplace I asked myself:
Am I gaining too much weight? Or is the exhaust too small?
Anyway: Merry Christmas, my dear!
I'm Techno Claus, the host of tech gift ideas.

This is my fifteenth appearance! I know!
We are all getting older! Well, let's get to the show...

Birdie is ready to approach her. CBS News

Bird Buddy Smart Bird Feeder ($300)

Birdhouses are completely useless.
Because all you can do is say, "Oh, look, little bird!" He says simply.
But this separates every little creature,
Send photos and videos directly to the app.

A solar object illuminates the camera below.
So you can observe birds everywhere.

Hey, Barbie, I hear you now! CBS News

Twelve South Airfly SE Audio Transmitter ($35)

I love Bluetooth headphones. They are small and simple.
But they were not connected to the seatback in flight!
Well, this device is connected where the cable goes
And stream the audio of your movies or shows.

Another place to unplug the power cord if you want.
Do cardio in the gym, run the mill!

While you enjoy the sun, Nomad 10 can also carry a portable solar charger. CBS News

Target Zero Nomads 10 Solar Panel ($100)

I travel for work, as my colleague told you.
How do I charge for my items when I leave home?
There, on the slide, you can't attach it to the wall.
So I use the most powerful charger!

This weatherproof solar panel is the key
For hikers, campers and travelers like me.

The Hair Smart shower head lets you know when the water is good. CBS News

Ciao Smart Shower System ($150)

Your shower head is so stupid...
This modern model is easy to install; No plumber required.
This light tells you when the water is hot.
An app tracks your water consumption, whether you want it to or not.

It works with water! And the best features:
From fog to powerful beam.

This device is the toast of the town. CBS News

InstaGLO R180 Toaster Revolution ($350)

Basic design of my lovely toaster
It's been that way for over 100 years!
But it's getting hot soon, Count,
Just touch the bread and it will turn golden!

It's delicious but embarrassingly expensive.
If you can afford it, I'll drink you!

“No, you have to hold your phone's camera horizontally! Horizontal! Landscape - oh never mind, I'll flip the TV screen." CBS News

Samsung Sero TV with rotating screen ($1,500)

Ah, today's young generation! Everyone filmed with cell phones.
Apparently they made a pure video.
So try reading on TV?
The photo is too small! The screen is almost black!

Well, here are the solutions to these pressing problems
A truly rotating Samsung TV screen!

I was told it was time to go, I was worried.
The concentration of deer decreases every year.
As I climb the chimney I wish you the following:
Get all your technology working right the first time!

Story by Lucy Kirk and Julie Krakow. Publisher: Giuseppe Frandino.

Christmas gift ideas from Techno Claus

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