FKA Twigs Teases Upcoming TechnoInfluenced Album: ‘Its Deep But Not Sad

FKA Twigs Teases Upcoming TechnoInfluenced Album: ‘Its Deep But Not Sad

The musician stole all the material for the project after it was posted online.

FKA Twigs underwent a major change when she moved to Prague, where she encountered a key factor that influenced her next album: Techno. In a series of posts on Discord, the musician talked about the project, which will be his first since Caprisongs 2022: "Two years ago I moved to Prague, fell in love with techno," he wrote. “The album is not techno, but the spirit is [real].

Describing the album's sound, Twiggs said, "It's deep, but not boring… I'm not boring anymore." Acknowledgment of new music, even if it's only a mockery, is a positive thing for a musician. In October, he reported that dozens of his demos were pirated and he had to start from scratch. "I got hacked, someone hacked my 85 views," he wrote on Instagram Stories. "Everything is great, there is no new music for a long time."

In a Discord popup, Twigs revealed that she's working with British electronic musician Corellus on a new album. She teased one of their collaborations during a Paris Fashion Week show last year. Although the musician does not particularly listen to music while creating his own, he has recently fallen into two shells.

With the arrival of new music, Twiggs continues to struggle to control his narrative. Last week, the UK's Advertising Standards Authority, which banned Calvin Klein nearly a year ago, shared its encouraging response. "I don't see the 'sex' they call me. "I see a beautiful, strong woman of color who has overcome her pain more than her incredible body can imagine," Twiggs wrote on Instagram, sharing a partially nude promotional photo. .

"Looking at other companies like this, past and present, I can't help but feel that there is a double standard here. To be clear... I am proud of my body and my body. The art I create with my body, material that showcases the feminist standards of authors like Josephine Baker, Eartha Kita, and Grace Jones, that breaks down barriers and a unique sensibility for empowerment.

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